Multiple and single spindle Screw Machine Tooling in HSS & Carbide.
Circular Form Tools, Circular Shaves, Dovetail Form Tools, Dovetail Shave, Step Drills, C'bores, Trepans, Recess, Skive Tools, Rotary Broaches, Sharpening Fixtures, Cams, etc.

Vanguard Circular Form Tool
Sharpening Fixture

T-15 PM, Rex76, M-42 high speed steels are Vanguard Tool's standard steels.
Premium high strength Micro-Grain carbide: Firth Sterling H-17, Micro 100, C-2, C-6.
Complete tool engineering, also design & make packages available.
Cad Cam design capability.
Automatic Screw Machine lay-out and cams available.

Four axis wire EDM
Complete precision grinding and machine shop facility.
Heat treatment in house.

Because we have our own in house heat treatment facility, we can very accurately control and focus in on the narrow range of temperatures required for optimum hardness and toughness of T-15, M-42, Rex76 PM tool steels. All types of tools steels are heat treated at the exact temperatures recommnended by the metallurgists and followed by three full tempering cycles.

If we can be of service to you, on those occasions, when you need quality tools in a rush, we would consider this an opportunity to show you how really good Vanguard Tool is. Deliveries of 24-48 hours are usual, with 7 days delivery standard.


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