Manufactures of Tooling for the
Automatic Screw Machine Industry Since 1957

The true mark of excellence in the metal working industry is service and quality. At Vanguard Tool we serve customers with the same two principles, through our total service capability, featuring the most modern equipment available.

Vanguard uses nothing but the best of High-Speed steel and carbides.
Every step is controlled from our Cad-Cam systems to the finished tooling.
All of our tooling is made utilizing the very best of tradesmen and the very latest in machines and four axis wire E.D.M.
Nothing is left to chance including our own in house heat treating.
The results of this combination of equipment and talent is the efficient production of the highest quality tooling available.

Form tools and cams require the expert design that comes only from highly qualified professionals. Vanguard provides the services of full time engineers and their staffs to assure work begins with exacting standards to meet your specifications. And the design department stays with each job, supervising every phase of production.

Vanguard's skilled craftsmen are a second key to the quality tools produced for the customers. The talent of Vanguard's skilled craftsmen, with long years of experience in their fields, are an important reason for our reputation and dependability.


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